Minerva Delgado

Minerva Delgado

Director, Coalitions & Advocacy

Alliance to End Hunger

Session: Hunger is a Racial Equity Issue

The workshop will explore why African-American communities are disproportionately impacted by hunger in the U.S. Participants will participate in the virtual Racial Wealth Gap Learning Simulation. The simulation is an activity that helps people understand the connections among hunger, poverty, and wealth by providing a deeper understanding of structural racism. In the simulation, participants learn how federal policies increase hunger and poverty in communities of color. The simulation guides participants to an understanding of why racial equity is important to ending hunger and poverty in the United States.


Executive Directors, Mgmt, Case workers, FLS

Speaker BIO

Minerva Delgado is Director of Coalitions & Advocacy at the Alliance to End Hunger in Washington, DC. Ms. Delgado has over thirty years of experience working to end hunger and poverty. As an experienced policy analyst, organizer and program manager, she has held senior positions in government, civil rights and anti-poverty organizations. Ms. Delgado holds degrees from The New School and Cornell University. She is from The Bronx, NY.