Angela Gustus

Angela Gustus

CEO / Co-Owner

CMAG & Associates, LLC

Session: Risk Management in a New World

Risk Management is not a new topic, but the world we live in is. How do we as leaders Pivot, Plan, and be Present to the current needs of our community while still thinking about the big picture?


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Angela Gustus is the CEO of The CMAG Group. She and her business partner own and operate CMAG & Associates (a consulting, training, and business development firm), CMAG Health Solutions (a licensed healthcare organization), and CMAG Medical Services (a mobile medical practice specializing in medical services in congregate care environments). Ms. Gustus has over 25 years in the human services field working in government, nonprofit, and community action. She has authored four books in the areas of personal and professional development. She holds a Bachelor degree in Sociology, a Masters of Public Administration, and has completed her coursework and is currently working on her dissertation with plans to complete her Doctorate in Public Administration the latter part of 2021.